Sunday, June 27, 2010

Graphic Novel Artwork

CSIS, espionage, disinformation, Kyrgyzstan, Iraq

Chapter 3 (Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 4 and the first two pages of Chapter 6 posted previously)

InDesign document, computer drawing, characters by Philip Hogg

©2010 Charlene Brown

When I posted Chapter 2 of this (as yet un-titled) graphic novel, I indicated that, with Philip Hogg now drawing the figures, production would be way more reliable and I might even post things in order from now on… and here’s Chapter 3, as promised!

There are just three more two-page spreads plus the cover to go – then I’ll put a (readable, maybe even understandable) pdf of the whole thing up on my website.

BTW, much to my surprise, I noticed another application of the ‘Calgary skyline’ technique I’ve used here, in Abstract Comics today. I’m kidding about there being any ‘Calgary skyline’ technique, but have a look anyway… maybe you'll see it too.

In a few days, I plan to write a mid-year review of The Plan for 2010 including my progress in learning to use a tablet for graphic novel illustration.