Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Graphic Novel Artwork II

CSIS, espionage, disinformation, Kyrgyzstan, Iraq


InDesign document containing digital photomontage

©2009 Charlene Brown

I’ve been working on a comic book aka graphic novel – a fictionalized combination of some of my travel painting and workshop painting stories. Thinking that feedback from readers who are artists and illustrators would be helpful, I decided to do WIP posts on this blog. I had a lot of trouble actually getting started – until I realized there’s no rule saying you have to start at the beginning!

Finally, on September 6, I began by posting ‘Chapter 3: Calgary to Bishkek.’ After that, I worked through the plot of the story from the beginning and realized there was more than two chapters’ worth of stuff before they left Calgary.

So, I wrote this Prologue, and the Chapter formerly know as 3 became ‘Chapter 4: August 8, 2003.’ The September 6th posting has been revised accordingly. It occurs to me that this disjointed approach isn’t really conducive to discussion, but would love to hear any comments or questions you have about these fragments of my graphic novel.