Sunday, May 2, 2021

2021 Liberal National Convention


Illustration from Inventing the Future
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©2019 Charlene Brown

Policy resolutions, including several regarding or relating to Green Energy were raised (in some cases ‘fast-tracked’) at the National Convention, held April 8 – 10 on Zoom. Resolutions had originated with various Commissions (Women, Youth, Seniors) and Provincial branches, and were presented and workshopped on the second day. Several dozen, including four having to do with green energy, were put forward for debate and voting on the final day.

There were over 6000 of us attending the convention and, for each resolution put forward, everyone had a chance to request debate (four debaters were selected and debates were conducted only if there were at least 50 requests) and then vote on whether or not to advance the resolution to the (Election) Platform Committee. We voted in favour of three of the green energy resolutions, rejecting the one that stipulated the decommissioning of all nuclear power generators.

I voted in favour of the three, despite some misuse of the term ‘renewable’ in two of them, and was especially impressed with the third because it referred to alternate (not renewable) energy sources and, in listing them, did not include biomass.  If you read my April 26 blogpost, you’ll know that’s an issue for me.

I’m proud to have taken part in this policy development process, but suspect that whatever American President Biden says in the next few weeks will have much more influence on the eventual Liberal platform.  And on the Opposition Platform.