Sunday, January 17, 2021

Betting on the Future


Starting Out in 2020

Watercolour and crayon

©2020 Charlene Brown

In a recent blog post Seth Godin made some predictions about how the infamous year 2020 will be thought of ten years from now.

“Whatever happens over the next ten years, if history is any guide at all, the year we just finished will be mostly a faded memory.

“What will matter more than what just happened is what we decide to do with where we are, daily, persistently, generously, for the next 3,650 days.

“Here’s to possibility, to justice, and to betting on the future.”

My book, The ‘Starting Out’ Years, which is finally being published, does just that.  One of my beta readers, said this last March after reading the first draft.  She liked the optimistic outlook of Fiona, the main character in Chapter 5, as she worked her way through the year 2020—and that was before we realized that 2020 was going to fall apart!