Sunday, March 15, 2020

Predictive Analytics

Just One Slide
Watercolour, oil pastel and marker
©2020 Charlene Brown

The inspiration for this painting was the Three Minute Thesis Competition one of the most popular events at the University of Victoria’s annual Ideafest. This competition challenges Master's and PhD students to describe their research “in a clear, engaging and jargon-free presentation using just one slide - in 180 seconds.” 

The graduate students’ single slides are properly annotated and labeled, but this painting of ‘Just One Slide’ is more of a ‘visualization’ and it’s going to have to speak for itself. I will just say it is a predictive analysis of three policy alternatives in transitioning off fossil fuels, and it uses data visualization rather than rigorous algorithms. Data visualization distills large data sets into visual graphics to make it easier to understand complex relationships and predict trends