Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Gardens as Art: Aesthetic Journeys around the World IV

Imperial East Garden in Tokyo
Watercolour and crayon
@2015 Charlene Brown

The fourth of this year’s Sunday Art Lecture Series, Shibusa Aesthetics: Spontaneity in Japanese Gardens” was to have taken place March 29, but has been postponed to October 4.

According to Dr. David Young, who will present this lecture, "The goal of a traditional Japanese garden is to re-create nature in an artistic way that improves upon nature. But can something be natural and artificial at the same time? This interesting challenge was met in Japan with the concept of shibusa, which can be translated as ‘restrained spontaneity’ and has been used to create gardens that are not really spontaneous and natural but appear to be so."

I sketched this part of the Imperial Gardens during a tour of Japan with the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria in November 2015.