Friday, February 6, 2015

Adventures in ARTography IV

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Heli-painting in the Bugaboos
Blended, app-processed photographs
Charlene Brown

We were required to create patterns (drawing, writing, maps, geometry, collage etc.) or find them. My post about ‘Blending Banff’ was a ‘found’ pattern, a very formal one, ‘Tree of Life,’ frequently seen in Persian rugs.

I found the pattern for ‘Heli-painting in the Bugaboos as I was using the CamScanner app on my iPad to record a calligraphic pattern I had just composed… when I noticed the tabletop itself.  Anyone who has been to art school will recognize this characteristic surface. I just selected a portion where the colours had an intensity that matched those in my app-processed photograph of a helicopter taken on a painting trip in the Bugaboos