Monday, February 2, 2015

Adventures in ARTography II

(click on image to enlarge)
Tamarack Glen
Oil on canvas (not)

Here’s the list of iPad apps we were required to download for the ARTography class:
Snapseed: photo enhancement    
Photoshop Express: remove spots, straighten, control intensity, contrast
Glaze: Stylize whole or part of picture
CamScanner: I used one of this app’s capabilities (OCR Poetry) in my December 19 post 
Camera Awesome:  fast, sharp, better exposed pictures
Camera +: Good for clarity.
Image Blender and Union: Both can combine two images. Difference is Union allows you to use third image as mask.
Repix: 20 effect brushes, 16 filters, 11 frames
Decim8:  Digital abstracts.  Destroy to create. Good for glitching (electronic distortion and interference)

There is just about no end to the ways you can combine digital techniques (app-stacking) and analog techniques, but I actually only used one filter in one app (Glaze) to produce this lovely ‘oil’ painting (well, it’s the loveliest ‘oil’ painting I’ve ever produced.) I decided to quit while I was ahead.