Thursday, January 10, 2013

Virtual Paintout on the Isle of Man

(click on image to enlarge)

Prospect Hill, Douglas
©2013 Charlene Brown

This month, the Virtual Paintout is on the Isle of Man, most of which is lovely, pastoral and easy to paint. For some reason I decided to head into town and take on some of the equally lovely (but nowhere near as easy to paint) architecture – and quickly got bogged down in detail.  
Speaking of which, I moved forward a bit to get a better look at the relative positions of some of the details on the church on the right…and was amazed to discover that, in the time it took to get across the street, someone had made off with all the flowers from the white building on the left! (Check out the Streetview I used for this painting compared to the view from about ten meters away
In my Streetview drives around various countries, I’ve noticed sequences like this before, usually manifesting as abrupt weather changes, and I think it’s great how Google manages to weave together pictures that were taken on different days, sometimes weeks apart.