Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Reality in Representational Art

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Olympic Sliding Centre
©2012 Charlene Brown

Representational art is defined as work that depicts something easily recognized by most people. This painting was supposed to be representational, titled ‘Olympic Sliding Centre, from Whistler cable car’ as it is based on a photograph I took from one of the Whistler ski lifts. Here is what happened instead…
I decided to ‘improve’ the picture’s composition by angling the cables differently and taking out an unattractive vertical one on the left – then realized, too late, that I had removed the cable that had been holding me up!  I’d painted over the pencil lines at that point, which makes them impossible to erase, so I couldn’t get things lined up properly to get myself back on the lift.
I don't always concern myself that much with accuracy (or even reality) but I want to get this one 'right' as it's a gift, so I will start over and either line up the towers and cables as they appear in my photograph or – more likely – leave them out entirely, and call it ‘Olympic Sliding Centre, from Whistler Mountain.’