Monday, March 19, 2012

Abstracting travel paintings

(click on image to enlarge)

Winter evening at the hot pool
Watercolour and gouache
©2012 Charlene Brown

I like the idea of ‘abstracting’ travel paintings but, having taken the trouble to get to the locations I paint, I like them to remain recognizable. You might say they’re stylized rather than abstracted, in that they almost always are much less ‘abstract’ than I had originally intended. Winter Evening at the hot pool is a darkened, stylized version of one of the Banff postcards I sent to other participants in the Postcard From My Walk international postcard exchange. It was the last one, so is displayed first in this series of all the postcards I painted.   
The Postcard From My Walk series is now in its final month and I’m really going to miss receiving these tiny postcard masterpieces from artists all over the world.  But I’m happy to say we’re starting a new project in a couple of months…  I hope you'll all be watching for it!