Monday, June 6, 2011

Report from Puycelsi

One of the prettiest villages in France
Watercolour and ink postcard
©2000 Charlene Brown

We spent the afternoon back at our farm B+B in Provence congratulating ourselves on a great day’s exploration and – unusually for us – talking to the owner.  The reason this is unusual is that our combined knowledge of French – never-useful verb conjugations, idioms not used since about 1935, and cleverly formulated questions that result in answers that sound like, ‘No, red does not exist the dog at eight and then right again’ – has reduced us to arm waving and drawing little pictures for people. But somehow, in explaining the difficulties of flying airplanes and operating B+Bs to each other, my husband and le fermier knew exactly what the other was saying!
On June 5, after spending a couple of relaxed days on the road, we got to Puycelsi, where friends from Ottawa have an incredible summer place, in time for lunch. Actually, this whole fortified village is incredible… It was built on a hilltop over several centuries, beginning in the ‘XIIieme’ and the ramparts and the stone and half-timbered houses are all being beautifully restored. There are flowers in every possible location and the whole village is a treat.  We both love this place.