Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Making Art with Impact: Step 2

Designing art posters: Step 2
InDesign documents with lettering, posterized computer-painting, collage
©2011 Charlene Brown

Step 2: Introduce some secondary objectives and possibilities or even tangential ideas.
Find new words in the three E’s – Energy Economics and Environment – from Lateral Thinking, Creativity and InventionThe additions to the poster shown here are collages of words from two sections of that page, ‘Economic Considerations’ and the ‘Alphabet of Green Tech.’  In compiling the patterns to be collaged, I used a stylized font that is quite structured and makes the letters look like they’re part of a form rather than individual words.
Continue Google Search, introducing these tangential objects, ideas and directions, and pick out additional words and phrases from the search results.  In the next step, you’ll be drawing a diagram of a ‘solution’ to the problem or objective you stated in Step 1.
  • Here are just a few of the fairly random words, phrases, opinions etc. that came up in the searches on the first objective, ‘design new forms of transportation’… solar planes, airships, blimp, unstable, segway, space elevator, magnetic levitation, linear synchronous motor, vertical lifting force + Bernoulli’s Principle = bootstrap>closed container propulsion, flying saucer, amusing spectacle, not terribly impressive, joke
Consider which of these could be labels on a diagram.