Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mayan ruins of Tulum

Here are the pictures I didn’t have time to finish while we were in Mexico. Actually, what with all the other things we did during our short but wonderful stay on the Mayan Riviera, I barely started them!

The first painting is of El Castillo, as it was named by the Spanish, a structure which is spectacularly located on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean.

The second shows the Kukulcán Group, located just to the north of El Castillo, and consisting of the Templo del Dios del Viento (Temple of the Wind God) and several templos miniatures.

The oldest Mayan structures date from about the 3rd century CE. Many of the most outstanding ones were rebuilt by the Toltecs in the 12th century CE. If you are interested in how this relates to other historical developments – the Middle Ages in Europe, the rise of Ghengis Khan in Asia – have a look at page 6 in my Design Timeline