Sunday, April 28, 2024

More viewpoints are more fun

Middle Spring on Sulphur Mountain
watercolour and ink
©1992 Charlene Brown

A month ago I used a recent painting of the Middle Spring to illustrate a blog post about a hypothetical self-sustaining CO2 removal loop

The painting on the left, of the same location, was done back in the day when I used to limit myself to one viewpoint.  I prefer the 2024 version -- and paintings with more content, in general.

These additional viewpoints can be achieved by rotating your field of vision or moving to a slightly different vantage point. Or both.

In my latest book, Paint Every Mountain,  I devote a whole chapter to ‘Moving Around, Combining and Superimposing for a Better Composition’ and next week I'll write about the ultimate multi-viewpoint presentation.