Sunday, March 7, 2021

And One More Instagram from the 21-day challenge

Falaj near Dubai
Watercolour and gouache
©1993 Charlene Brown

This is the last of the paintings I posted on Instagram as part of the 21-day challenge.  The theme  the day I posted 'Falaj near Dubai' was ‘Largest painting’ so I put up this triptych, which covered two full sheets of watercolour paper, one intact and one divided lengthwise.

Part of my reason for taking part in that challenge was to learn how to use Instagram so I could promote my book, The Starting Out' Years on that platform. I actually started the Instagram promotion on March 1.  There are four posts promoting my book so far, which you can check out on the page with all my Instagram posts.  Or, better yet, if you've got Instagram on your phone, please look for me at #charlenebrownwriter