Sunday, June 2, 2019

Reining in greenhouse gas (GHG)

This in another entry in the Transitioning chapter in the Clean Energy Haiku book.

Even though Canada’s contribution to global GHGs is miniscule compared to – say – China, it is unlikely that there is a contiguous population of under 40 million anywhere in the world the emits as much as we do.

And this is an attempt to make sense of the haiku on the above painting of Lunenburg NS.

Line 1: bootstrap propulsion: when operation is no longer dependent on outside power or (GHG-emitting) propellants it is said to be in a self-sustaining, or bootstrap, operation.
Line 2: Tangential economics means applying economic principles to real-world events that may not often appear connected to economics.
Line 3: In the early stages of transitioning to a carbon-neutral economy, while we are still so fossil-fuel dependent, the emission of greenhouse gas (GHG) must be reduced where  ever possible.