Sunday, May 12, 2019

Climate Migration Haiku

The emerging phenomenon of climate migration refers to the enforced evacuation of areas about to be rendered uninhabitable or submerged by climate change. This migration is likely to be northward and upward to higher elevations, and may eventually shift population concentrations. How will this previously unforeseen circumstance be handled?

Here is an explanation of the remaining lines of the haiku on the painting of the Kluane Icefield, above:
Line 2: Reaching grid parity is considered to be the point at which an energy source becomes a contender for development.  By eliminating the huge costs of electricity transmission or transport of fuels for on-site generators, the development of alternate energy sources is especially important in the North.
Line 3: It is possible that melting permafrost could not only exacerbate global warming by releasing methane and other powerful greenhouse gases, but might have initiated a runaway process of temperature increases. It also could cause erosion because permafrost lends stability to barren Arctic slopes.