Sunday, April 14, 2019

Another part less painted

Oyster River Potholes
Watercolour and oil pastel
©2019 Charlene Brown

I’ve never seen a painting of the Oyster River Potholes, which are on Vancouver Island, south of Campbell River, about a three-hour drive north of Victoria.  

Although I could find no evidence on the internet that anyone had ever tried painting these sandstone bowls, there are some excellent photographs. I was particularly impressed with the composition of some dramatic grayscale close-ups on Dave Ingram’s Island Nature blog.

Painting these photographs was not what I had in mind though they are works of art in their own right and copying them would just be silly.

I wanted an overall panorama of this whole stretch of the Oyster River. I achieved this by positioning the various photos of portions of the formation in what seemed like a reasonable composition.  It is unlikely that it is accurate.