Wednesday, February 20, 2019

An addition to the Bucket List (the lake, not the yaks)

Lake Tsomgo
Watercolour and marker
©2019 Charlene Brown

Sometimes when I’m casting about for something to paint, I follow-up on one of the many suggestions Pinterest sends my way almost every day. They have picked up on the fact I often paint what are dismissively referred to as ‘pretty mountain scenes’ and, as I may have mentioned, come up with Moraine Lake two or three times a week.  However, Lake Tsomgo in Sikkim was a brand new idea for them (and for me).

Actually the picture they sent didn’t have yaks in it, but when I Googled Sikkim for information I found ‘15 Top Things To Do in Sikkim: para-gliding, river rafting, challenging Himalayan treks etc.’ The 14 of those things that I wouldn’t dream of doing included riding a yak, but the brightly decorated yaks in the pictures certainly looked paintable. Don’t you agree?

I’ve just come across a blog post by Seth Godin that explains an almost 20-year old term I’d never heard before. I think the advice about yaks that comes at the end of Seth’s post is very important, and it may be some sort of sign that I’ve become aware of it just when I’m uploading this particular blog post so I’m including a link to it here – Don’t shave that yak!