Saturday, January 14, 2017

Travels with our Grandkids III b – Oxford

Saturday, 21 July: In the morning, a wonderfully funny presentation by Colin Dexter was accompanied by cataract off roof into garden where kids were splashing around, allegedly learning about “Lyra’s Oxford.” Evening cataract-accompanied presentation on CS Lewis again featured kids splashing about in the garden apparently having a drama workshop – looks very much like learning about Lyra’s Oxford.
Sunday, 22 July: Tewkesbury “like a war zone, with water treatment plant
overwhelmed, homes west of Oxford evacuated.” We got as far as the Folly Bridge before discovering our river cruise had been cancelled – Thames (called Isis, in Oxford) too high and too fast. We had a walking tour along it – yes, it was high and fast – to Oxford Tower, instead.

Monday, 23 July: “One of the electricity sub-stations in Gloucester succumbed, cutting off power to 48,000 homes – if the other one had gone, emergency services would have had to launch the biggest
evacuation of people since the Second World War.”  We were on the ground floor of our hotel so, before departing for our day at Warwick Castle, I put our suitcases on the dresser in our room, despite assurances that ‘we’re higher than the University and the University isn’t going to flood. We saw a lot of flooding on the way to Warwick, including the river raging past the castle, but our hotel was fine – put suitcases back on floor again.

Tuesday, 24 July: Last night, “100 firefighters and 150 Royal Marines and Gurkhas saved the day,” and we were assured flood had peaked. However, still much concern about sewage in water apparently not yet receding in “watery ghost towns” so put suitcases back up before departing for day at Blenheim Palace (On the left are Keara and a friend from California in the maze there).  Sun shone, birds sang; we had a splendid day. Suitcases back down when we got back.