Wednesday, August 17, 2016

More ‘found’ haiku and computer-stylized haiga

Whistler Village
Watercolour and computer
©2016 Charlene Brown

This is a continuation of a series I began a year ago, consisting of computer-generated haiku poems and haiga illustrations. 
The poems  (actually haiku-like non-sequiturs) have three lines, containing:
     . a clean energy-related concept (5 syllables)        
     . a tangentially related environmental or economic concept (7)
     . a transformation (5)
The haiga illustrations are computer-stylized versions of some of my Canadian landscape paintings.
I’ve set up a new PinterestBoard about Clean Energy Haiku. The pin descriptions aren’t filled in yet, but if you have a minute, check out this board anyway – I`ve added some clean energy haiku from THE ENTIRE IPCC REPORT IN 19 ILLUSTRATED HAIKU, by Anna Fahey, ©2013 Sightline Institute, Seattle; used with permission. Unlike my ‘found’ non-sequiturs, these are actual haiku verses!