Saturday, May 28, 2016

Enhancing Creativity V

Visualization techniques
©1993 Charlene Brown

Research* has shown that episodic specificity induction – training in recollecting details of past experiences – improves performance on memory and imagination tasks and enhances divergent thinking. The ability to recall detail can be increased by forming a mental image –visualizing – a past or historical event.

Do exercises in episodic memory improvement through visualization always enhance creativity, or are creative people better – less restrained – at visualization and more inclined to do it well?

This painting is an exercise in historic visualization using umm al nar tomb carvings  with an overlaying technique I learned in a workshop with American painter, Douglas WaltonOverlaying, or superimposing, one image on another adds a new dimension to a painting and produces wonderfully evocative results. It also provides virtually limitless possibilities for adding great-looking bits of information and detail to a painting.

*Creativity and Memory: Effects of an Episodic-Specificity Induction on Divergent Thinking. Madore KP, Addis DR, Schacter DL