Sunday, April 7, 2013

Another twentieth century flashback

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Lake Louise
Watercolour monotype
©1996 Charlene Brown
I may have given you the impression I find Lake Louise somewhat less magical than Lake O’Hara in my blog post a few days ago. Let me explain.  
Part of the allure of Lake O’Hara is simply that it’s so hard to get to – the much more famous wonder of Lake Louise is easily accessible, and most of the millions of visitors to western Canada make a point to seeing it.  
The hiking and walking trails around and above the lake are never actually crowded, just because there is so much lakeshore and mountainside to accommodate them… but the parking lots are at least as bad as any shopping centre I’ve ever seen. There’s often entertainment as well, such as the Canadian Army Cadet pipe band that happened to be there the day we visited in 1996. And another thing... the north face of the glaciers visible from Lake Louise is much thicker than the ice on the other side of the mountain