Sunday, February 5, 2012

Another Drive-by Painting

(click on image to enlarge)

Wildlife Overpass
Watercolour, crayon and gouache
©2012 Charlene Brown

A series of overpasses have been built to get wildlife safely across the TransCanada Highway in Banff National Park. These sculpted structures, with thickly-treed rock gardens, are said to be the best looking (well, most recognizable, anyway) wildlife crossings in the world! They looked pretty spectacular in the late afternoon alpenglow during our drive from Lake Louise to Banff just after Christmas.
They have reduced the road-kill incidence by almost 80%.  Movement-triggered video cameras have recorded over 200,000 wildlife crossings – mainly elk, deer and bears, with smaller numbers of cougars, grizzlies and wolves.  And two wolverines, which caused considerable excitement, as they’re said to be Canada’s most elusive wildlife.  I thought the Sasquatch was our most elusive wildlife.