Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Way of Saint James

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Jakobsweg Main-Taubertal
Watercolour and crayon
©2011 Charlene Brown

At our next stop, Wertheim, one of our excursion choices was a hike up the Tauber. Roughly the same group that climbed up to the castle ruin at Durnstein turned out for this one. When asked if we wanted to take the 5km or 10k route, I was the only one to speak up, saying that 10k sounded doable… and then was usually dead last as we made our way up the river to Waldenhausen, crossed a bridge and climbed up through terraced gardens and orchards to a high plateau that took us back to the castle above Wertheim.  I should add that the main reason for this tail-dragging was that I kept stopping to take pictures of our fascinating surroundings – the most surprising of which were these markers on another trail we followed for a short distance, identifying it as the Main-Taubertal section of the Jakobsweg, the name by which the Way of Saint James is known in Germany.
I hope some day to walk parts of this route in Spain where it is known as the Camino de Santiago… Actually, I was under the mistaken impression the whole route was in Spain, so it’s ironic I got a (very small) start on the project in Germany.