Sunday, May 22, 2011

Virtual Paintout on the Côte d'Azur

(click on image to enlarge)

Ave. de Verdun, Eze, Alpes-Maritimes
Watercolour and CP
©2011 Charlene Brown

The Virtual Paintout is on the spectacular French Riviera this month, and locations all the way from St. Tropez east to the Italian border may be painted. On Google Streetview, I headed immediately for Eze, as I remembered lunch in a spectacularly located restaurant on a cliff near there about 12 years ago.  Of course, I encountered the usual Google Streetview problem – they were unable to get their camera car into that particular restaurant… but what I also noticed was that you get a much better view of everything visible from the road than you do if you’re actually there!  I mean, think about how much gawking around you’d do if you were really driving on this or any of the winding routes along the Côte d'Azur Here’s a link to location I selected (You'll need to pan the camera a little to the right to take in all of the view I’ve included here.)