Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Virtual Paintout in Boston

Charles River Bike Path
Watercolour and CP
©2011 Charlene Brown
I wanted to include water in my painting, so I searched out Edwin H Land Boulevard / Memorial Drive for this view of Boston, location of the Virtual Paintout for the month of January. The map labels it Charles River Bike Path, but it seems that, in the home of the Boston Marathon, bike paths have been taken over by runners. Here’s the link to this view – have a look along it and you’ll see what I mean.
BTW, I'm really looking forward to participating in a new sketching project called A Postcard from my Walk I’ve seen other group projects like this, and always thought it would be great to be invited to participate… but the idea of adding something to a sketchbook already containing several spectacular paintings was pretty scary! A postcard from my Walk has the advantage that each postcard will be created separately. The first ones will be mailed out next week and will start appearing on the blog in February when they arrive at their destinations.