Sunday, September 6, 2009

Graphic Novel Artwork

CSIS, espionage, disinformation, Kyrgyzstan, Iraq
Chapter 4
InDesign document containing digital photomontage, collaged watercolour
©2009 Charlene Brown
Have you ever thought that some of your painting experiences would make a good comic book? Sometimes painting adventures can be pretty funny (though probably not as action-packed as the average comic book) and writing about making art opens up lots of great illustration possibilities.
I’ve been working on a comic book aka graphic novel – a fictionalized combination of some of my travel painting and workshop painting stories, and this is a two-page spread from it. I should mention that actually starting on any of the ‘great illustration possibilities’ was harder than I thought it would be – until I realized there’s no rule saying you have to start at the beginning – hence, Chapter 4. (edited 24 Nov 2009)