Thursday, August 27, 2009

Computer Montage

Baltic Cruise

Computer montage

Charlene Brown

This was originally going to be a computer collage of highlights of our cruise. However, I like to use text in the local languages when putting together travel collages, and I soon discovered that the only category in which I had plentiful material in the various languages was Visa receipts. They produced an interesting enough pattern, but the effect was not particularly evocative. Collage wasn't the way to go with this picture.

Some of the others materials I had available were too good for a collage anyway. These included photos of fabulous artworks by Da Vinci, Della Robia, Kandinsky, and Matisse (I'd bought a fairly pricey permit to take my camera into the Hermitage in St. Petersburg) that were better suited to a montage.

Computers make the process of juxtaposing and superimposing pictures non-destructive, and greatly simplify the production of a montage. But they can complicate things too—by multiplying the number of possibilities. There are hundreds of ways to put photos—and, yes, a couple of Visa receipts—together, and I must have tried about half of them.

Just getting started had way too many possibilities. Eventually, I realized that a map covering the whole Baltic area was a perfect base.