Thursday, July 30, 2009

Painting Gardens

Harbour Garden

Watercolour and crayon

©2009 Charlene Brown

I had thought of titling this Runway Garden, as the harbour is used by four floatplane airlines with up to 60 flights a day when the Legislature is in session. I quite like the planes and had even planned to include a couple in the painting, until I decided that was just too busy (as is the harbour, according to some residents.)

Back on topic – I started a garden painting project last year, concentrating specifically on ancient water gardens, and had set up a Google Alert (archaeology ancient garden innovative) which led me to recent research and terrific picture ideas for everything from the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to Aztec chinampas… and eventually, to a very comprehensive blog post on Making a Mark. I enjoyed reading about art blogging so much that, three days later, I started 1150 Words, launched a bunch of new projects -- the 2010 Olympics, Egypt, Peru, entries in DSFDF -- and didn’t do much at all with ancient water gardens. I might get back to that sometime soon – maybe the walkway gardens will end up in my version of the Herodium…