Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Westsong Walkway

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Summer Planting
Watercolour, crayon & ink
©2009 Charlene Brown

This is where I’ve been doing my sketching and walking since joining Sketchercize a couple of weeks ago. As I’m the only sketcher in our walking group (and I don’t seem to have the gumption to get out there on my own) I usually only sketch one thing per day. Today, however, I decided to put a whole picture together including the spectacular mountain backdrop we have here. (Actually it isn’t here; it isn’t even in Canada – it’s in Washington State, but we have a great view of it.) ‘Summer Planting’ shows a City of Victoria parks crew changing the flowers, something they do four times a year throughout the city. It’s about the only time wheeled vehicles are allowed on the 3km Westsong Walkway – okay, I’ll admit they had a snowblower down there a couple of times last winter – so it’s a perfect place for drawing and painting.
BTW, here's one of my single-subject sketches - which actually took two days!
Arbutus at Lime Bay