Thursday, March 12, 2009

Extreme Challenge: Sushi!

Photoshopped Sushi
Watercolour, crayon, marker and computer
Charlene Brown

It’s one thing to paint something that already looks sensational, but the latest challenge on Different Strokes from Different Folks presented a tasty, but not particularly sensational-looking, subject -- I hesitated a few days before trying it. The only other time I sent a painting to this blog, the subject was a ‘San Francisco Victorian’ and I think there were almost 150 entries in that one. I decided to try the Week 25-26 Challenge – Sushi, just because there were nowhere near as many entries for this one.
As I’m trying to produce more abstract mountain landscapes and cityscapes, I decided to try stylizing this still life in an abstract direction using a ‘find the main shapes’ approach (the only approach I know). But, as usual, my main shapes picked up a few details they didn’t need.
Then I tried having a go at it with Photoshop, and liked a few of the results. Today (March 20) I decided to substitute my favourite for the one I sent in to Different Strokes. I would have sent 'Photoshopped Sushi' to begin with -- but, as they specifically request that you don't send in computer-manipulated versions of the original photograph, I assumed they didn't want computer-manipulated versions of your paintings either.