Thursday, April 2, 2009

Kalabsha Temple and El Qurn

El Qurn
Watercolour, crayon and computer
©2009 Charlene Brown

                                                                            Kalabsha Temple
                                                                            Watercolour, crayon and computer
                                                                            ©2008 Charlene Brown

The painting I’ve been working on this week will be entered in Painting on the Edge (more about my history with this competition next week) if it turns out. It hasn’t so far, so I’ll take this opportunity to present a couple more of the archaeology sketches I did during last year’s University of Victoria travel study program in Egypt. I’ve been reworking these paintings in Photoshop to various degrees of abstraction, with the two above remaining closest to the way they were painted. Kalabsha Temple is on the edge of Lake Nasser, where it was relocated in 1970 following construction of the Aswan High Dam. El Qurn is the pyramid-like hill which dominates the Valley of the Kings.
The next sketches I’ll write about, Giza and Alexandria, will be abstracted to about the same degree as
Unfinished Obelisk and a couple more, Edfu and Luxor, will be barely recognizable.