Thursday, March 26, 2009

Different Strokes Challenge: Beach Family

Beach Family at Pacific Rim National Park
Watercolour and ink
©2009 Charlene Brown
The Week 27-28 Challenge on Different Strokes from Different Folks has a family in it (hence the name). So, at first, it looked like too much of a challenge for me. But I really think it would improve some of my landscapes if I included people, so I’ve been making a point of trying it more often. Karin Jurick, who runs the site, must have seen painters like me coming – she included the following in her excellent note on motivation: If you find figures difficult, remember these wise words from Monet "...try to forget what objects you have before you, a tree, a house, a field or whatever ... merely think here is a little square of blue, here an oblong of pink, here a streak of yellow, and paint it just as it looks to you, the exact color and shape..."
So here they are – in the middle distance. It will be a while longer before I try close-ups.