Friday, September 26, 2014

The 'straight-up Lake Louise' view of Mount Lefroy

Sunrise, 13 July 2014
Watercolour and oil pastel
©2014 Charlene Brown

This view of Lake Louise and the glaciers above it doesn’t reveal the near-perpendicular faces of Mount Lefroy visible in the view I painted last week. Nor does this, one of the most inviting scenes in the Canadian Rockies, reveal the totally uninviting Abbott’s Pass (named for the first climber to fall to his death on it) also shown in last week’s painting, between Mount Lefroy and Mount Victoria.

‘Sunrise, 13 July 2014, is based on a photo I took from a third-floor room in the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. I took about forty photos over a one hour period that morning, and I think this one and the photo below, taken about a half hour earlier, were the best of the bunch.

Full moon setting on Victoria Glacier
©2014 Charlene Brown