Monday, March 10, 2014

Another assault on Quantum Physics

quantum, physics, Charlene Brown
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Fractal Gravity Leaks
Watercolour, crayon and Photoshop™
©2014 Charlene Brown
The theory of gravity leaks – outlined in a CERN (Centre européen de recherche nucléaire) paper entitled Extra dimensions, gravitons, and tiny black holes   – provides a possible explanation for the peculiar fact that, of the four fundamental forces of nature, gravity is the weakest. You’d expect that gravity, which holds the universe together, would be at least as strong as the forces holding atoms together… but it’s not. The CERN paper says this odd weakness may be explained by the leaking of gravity into another dimension within the atoms of our universe, or maybe into a parallel universe.

This painting is based on a brilliantly drawn diagram of a micro black hole on From Quarks to Quasars  (FQTQ).  The structure in that diagram appears to be fractal, so I sketched some fractals into my painting as well. Fractals are based on a repetitive series of self-similar patterns within a structure, and are normally precision-drawn by a computer following a complex iterative algorithm… but where’s the fun in that?