Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Summer Camp IV

Living the Dream in Durnstein, Austria
Pinterest pin (watercolour sketch + photo)
Charlene Brown

The Challenge at Creative Content Camp this week is to make 15 active connections on social media.  Easy for some, but my social media repertoire consists of:

·       a Facebook account where I follow a few friends as quietly as possible, commenting occasionally, but just about never initiating anything.
·       two Pinterest boards where I’ve been pinning only what’s sent to me (by some random interest-generator that has confused me with someone keen on DIY) and never creating pins.
·       a fear of LinkedIn
·       a dumb phone and no plans to upgrade, which rules out texting, Twitter and, I’m guessing, Instagram
·       an iPad I use only for reading magazines when I’m traveling
·       a Youtube Channel that I last updated about seven years ago with A Year in a Victorian Garden after which I decided computer-painted videos were way too much work.
.... so basically, tremendous potential for improvement!

Here is the beginning of one of my 15 ‘connection’ efforts – a new ‘proactive’ Pinterest board called 'Living the Dream.'