Saturday, July 23, 2016

Re-living the Dream with better lighting

Opabin Plateau
Watercolour and crayon
©2016 Charlene Brown

When my daughters and I climbed to the Opabin Plateau in 2009, I sketched the surrounding mountains and plotted the locations on an interactive Google map of the area, These sketches reflected the weather that day (a little) more accurately than today’s painting.

I’ve put this painting, which has sunlight and shadows I found in other photos of the Opabin plateau, on my Pinterest board, Living the Dream, together with a photo of me starting the sketch. In that photo there is mysteriously little sunlight and shadow... (It had just stopped raining and everything, including my hair, is soaking wet.) I haven't actually explained that on the Pinterest board – which contains location paintings and photos of the artists painting (or at least starting) them on location – but I thought I would mention it here on my blog.