Monday, May 30, 2016

Enhancing Creativity VI

Preparing the mind for Creativity Enhancement
Watercolour and Photoshop™
©2014 Charlene Brown

Evangelia Chrysikou, our Psychology of Creativity instructor, reminded us frequently of Louis Pasteur’s declaration that ‘chance favours the prepared mind,’ and encouraged us to hold this thought while considering the myriad ways of enhancing creative thinking and creative ways of doing things.

Group brainstorming, for example, is only likely to be productive after participants have done some preparation in the form of individual study and solution-finding.  Similarly, the observation, presented earlier, of benefit being derived from an incubation period only after an initial period of concentration on a problem or project, illustrates the importance of preparedness.

Other ways to ‘prepare the mind’ are: 
·       Challenge yourself, by seeking activities outside your field of expertise.
·       Travel to a foreign country
·       Take a class. Like Psychology of Creativity.