Friday, February 19, 2016

Great design in Winnipeg

Canadian Museum of Human Rights / Provencher Bridge
Watercolour, CP and crayon
Charlene Brown

I love the design of this museum.  It opened in 2014 to much acclaim… and protests from groups – the Métis, for example – who believe that Canada’s actual human rights record isn’t nearly as grand as the building. Prime Minister Trudeau donated a sketch he had made of the museum to a charity auction last week, and it fetched over $25,000!  A friend in my Wednesday morning painting group said he’d pay at least that for this one… as soon as I become Prime Minister.

When I started drawing this Google Streetview, I thought the cables on the left were holding up the bridge the camera was on, but when I crossed the road and had a closer look, I discovered they were attached to a separate side-spar cable-stayed pedestrian bridge. This part of the bridge, the Esplanade Riel, was named after Louis Riel, a Métis who was hanged for treason in 1885.