Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Elegant Clean Energy Haiku X: Quantum Leap Haiku Illustration – Plan C (cont.)

clean energy haiku
Switchback 26
Watercolour, crayon and Photoshop™
©2016 Charlene Brown

carbon tax is good
absurdist leaps of logic

When I wrote about innovation that might be inspired by reading some computer-generated clean energy haiku, I meant not only revolutionary new discoveries and inventions, but refinements to existing technology and processes that will be necessary to tide us over the many years that it will take to achieve the carbon-neutral civilization we need.

The computer that will be generating the clean energy haiku may include economic concepts like carbon tax, as in this example, in its repertoire.  But it will never suggest ‘cap + trade’ (aka ‘smoke + mirrors’).

This haiga illustration is a posterized version of the sketch I wrote about on December 20.