Monday, July 4, 2011

Mid-Year Review 2011

(click on image to enlar
Quebec City
       Watercolour and crayon
       ©2011 Charlene Brown
       Here are a couple of highlights concerning progress on The Plan for 2011:
        In the area of travel journaling, I’ve got a good start on a really big project I’ve been putting off since 2000  – an illustrated journal of our two-month Retirement Grand Tour of Europe on our way back to Canada from Dubai. I used several painted postcards I retrieved from people I’d sent them to at the time, and completed six new paintings for this journal, which was posted during the May-June period corresponding to the trip itself.
       I’ve participated in all six Virtual Paintouts so far this year (Boston, Romania, Cape Town, Japan, Côte d'Azur, and New Zealand, and am having a great time sending and receiving hand-painted postcards from round the world on A Postcard From My Walk.  I’m really pleased to be participating in the group blog – the quality and variety of the artwork is fascinating! Have a look
       I completed a project about poster production, Making Art with Impact, involving a combination of computer collage and lettering. I’m planning to do more of this ‘poster art’ involving background paintings of Canadian landscapes and cityscapes. This painting of Quebec City will be part of this plan.
       I’d also like to mention something not even in The Plan, that I learned quite accidentally, about observation skills, seeing relationships and relative positions and all that… I wrote about this in Seeing what you’re looking at  Although I can’t say I’ll always see what I’m looking at from now on, this was a big step in the right direction.