Friday, June 11, 2010

Don't miss deadlines!

Harbour Ferry Ballet

Watercolour, crayon and ink

©2009 Charlene Brown

I’ve been following up on listings that accept email entries on the Call for Submissions page of a newsletter put out by Opus Framing, where I buy most of my art supplies. Let me tell you about two recent misadventures involving missed deadlines.

Painting on the Edge – for which I have never had a painting accepted – is a Vancouver-based competition, open to all living artists worldwide. This year, I realized on June 5 that the deadline for entry was not June 6, as I’d thought, but June 4! So I saved myself the $20 entry fee, by-passed the middleman, and consigned this year’s entry, St John’s NL, directly to my personal Salon des Refusés.

Another competition I tried was for label designs for a well-known winery in the Okanagan. I thought this was a great idea, believing that “life is too short to drink wine that doesn’t have a nice painting on the label,” and shot off nine (you were allowed up to 10) email attachments using the form on the winery’s website – on the deadline day. Harbour Ferry Ballet, shown here, was one of them. My computer ground away for about twenty minutes, during which I took the trouble to check the size of the files and found that most of them were way too big, But then I got the message that they had been received! Then, the next morning, I got an email saying there had in fact been a Delivery Failure. I tried emailing again to explain why I’d missed the deadline, but that email couldn’t be delivered either. And their phone was busy. I think perhaps I wasn’t the only deadline dummy in this one.

What I’m trying to say is – don’t wait until the last minute!