Sunday, March 14, 2010

Virtual Paintout in Stavanger

Red Farmhouse on Lutsiveien

Watercolour, ink and crayon

©2010 Charlene Brown

Philip is working on the next two-page spread of my graphic novel, and I’ve been off having a great time on the Virtual Paintout, which is in Stavanger, Norway this month.

For last month’s Virtual Paintout, I set out to find, and paint, a place I would really like to be… and then, somehow I ended up on the Golden Gate Bridge! As I mentioned at the time, zooming down a freeway, surrounded by people who actually know where they’re going and want to get there faster than you happen to be going is never a pleasant place to be.

But look at this place near Stavanger – I’d love to b there! Not only does it have a wonderful setting, but their view to the northeast must be spectacular. Next, I’m going to paint what I can see of it on Google Streetview.