Sunday, November 15, 2009

Exploring Roman Africa II

Ptolemais, Libya

Watercolour and computer painting

©2007 Charlene Brown

Originally one of the five cities of the 7th Century BCE Libyan Pentapolis, Ptolemais was conquered by Alexander the Great in the 4th Century BCE (and passed to his General, Ptolemy - hence the name), and conquered by Rome in the 1st Century CE. Ptolemais was the site, in 301 CE of an early attempt at wage and price controls – Diocletian’s Edictum De Pretiis – overlaid, in this computer painting, on the background of a watercolour of the site.

As with yesterday’s post about paintings of Tunisia, this painting was completed a couple of years ago following a University of Victoria travel study program, Exploring Roman Africa. Ive just been to a Travel Study 2010 presentation this afternoon to see what the university is planning for the next year.

I’ve added these North African paintings to my website along with a painting of Peru which I posted on June 18.