Sunday, April 25, 2021

Data Analytics

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Data Visualization
Mixed media, computer-altered
©2020 Charlene Brown

In trying to convince some of my grandchildren that data analytics skills will be important for everybody, no matter what their career choice or field of study, it’s occurred to me it might be worthwhile to update my own understanding of data analysis.  And to explore the advantages of data visualization. 

The painting above is a visualization of the future effect on GHG emissions caused by three policy alternatives in transitioning off fossil fuels:

  1.       no changes
  2.       carbon tax increasing slightly
  3.      greatly increased carbon taxes

It shows how data visualization can distill large data sets into visual graphics and make it easier to understand complex relationships and predict trends.

As with most projections of the results of policy decisions, these are based on rational extrapolations of observed effects of various fuel types (represented above by different coloured bands) used to produce heat and generate electricity energy, assuming no surprises.

I’ll look at the possibility of adding surprises to these visualizations soon, but first I will write a short ‘Renewable’ Energy Rant.