Sunday, November 8, 2020

Five Years Ago

Switchback 26
Watercolour and crayon sketch
©2015 Charlene Brown

Our return to Tokyo via Lake Chuzenji at the top of the spectacular Kegon waterfall (three metres short of Niagara, 20 switchbacks up and 28 switchbacks down) was quite fantastic. This sketch shows the incredible number of switchbacks visible through the interwoven evergreen and brilliant red foliage on our descent through the precipitous mountain forest.

I participated recently in a podcast by American artist Nicholas Wilton, ‘Why trying to be ‘good’ is killing your art,’ and will be writing about it next month.   A point he made about ‘tracing an intuitive path, winding, and out of bounds if it seems appropriate’ to get around ‘blockades’ in your painting process, reminded me of the above blog post almost exactly five years ago. 

How different from today’s restricted adventures, when we seldom venture more than a kilometre from home!