Sunday, April 28, 2019

Mitigating Climate Change

This is the first entry in Chapter 5 of the Clean Energy Haiku book I am writing Transitioning.

Abruptly ending the consumption of fossil fuels is impossible.  Even an immediate end to oil and gas exploration and declaration of in-ground resources as ‘stranded,’ as some environmental groups recommend, would do irreparable harm. Transition to a low carbon economy can only be accomplished through an orderly progression at each stage in the energy ­economy.

Here’s an explanation of the enigmatic haiku on the painting of Canmore, above.
Line 1: Physics is the branch of science dealing with matter and energy and their interactions. Newton’s second law of motion, normally written F=ma, and Einstein’s Special Relativity theory, expressed as E=mc2 are about all that most people remember about Physics.
Line 2: Methane reductions are cheap: Making improvements to oil and gas equipment and facilities that leak or release methane is a relatively inexpensive way for the oil and gas sector to reduce greenhouse gas emissions during the sow’s ear years, while we’re still dependent on fossils fuels for such a large portion of our energy needs.