Sunday, February 12, 2017

Travels with our Grandkids IV b - Peru

White-water rafting Peru
Whitewater rafting turned out to be much more fun than I thought it would be! This painting is based on a photo of a wonderfully calm stretch of the river. The waves are totally a product of my Masquepen-fueled imagination. But they did happen. Three times!

I used a surprising amount of masking fluid to preserve the white areas in both the paintings shown here, as well as using it to draw the quipu in the overlaid painting I posted February 9.

In this painting of Potato Farmers in the Andes, based on a picture taken almost directly into the morning sun in the northeast sky, masking was used to bring out back-lighting effects on the glacier and the figures in the foreground.

We learned that potatoes originated in Peru, and they have preserved and include in their diet hundreds of varieties of them. Surprises every day for my grandson and myself, accustomed to eating maybe two and a half varieties.